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Getting Control Of Your Numbers Has Never Been Easier

Finally, An Easy (and Painless) Way For You To Get Control Of Your Small Business Bookkeeping

barrie bookkeeper fixes accounting messesIf you’re like most typical small business owners then you’re probably doing just enough accounting to get paid and to pay your bills…and even that is likely in some state of confusion.

At best, accounting is an administrative hassle for most small business owners. For many, managing their money can be a scary, messy part of owning a business.

It doesn’t have to be that way. It shouldn’t be that way.

You’re missing out on vital accounting information that can boost your profit

Successful business owners know that “knowing your numbers” is a vital part of making the kinds of decisions that will grow your business. Knowing your numbers impacts decisions in all areas. For example:

  • Marketing. Which marketing efforts are working best? (Is that networking group really worth the time?)
  • Sales. Are your proposals building in enough margin? Do you know what your margins really are?
  • HR. Is it time to hire a new employee? Are your employees sufficiently adding to your bottom-line?
  • Accounts Receivable. Can you speed up the time it’s taking to get paid?

Now, There’s An Easy Way To Tame Your Bookkeeping

MyNumbersGuy has created a systematic approach to helping the small business owner rapidly get control of their numbers. Not only will we get your bookkeeping sorted out, we’ll show you:

  • where you’re at with your business
  • what accounting numbers you need to keep your eye on (and what they mean)
  • a plan for next steps with your business

Sound interesting? Your next step is a FREE CONSULTATION. We’ll sit down and discuss your situation and we’ll outline a practical plan to help you run your business by the numbers.

Discover how strategic accounting can propel your business forwards


Back in early April, we had asked James "My Numbers Guy" to complete my mom’s taxes.

We were pleasantly surprised at how quickly James completed the forms. We were even more astonished when James personally dropped off the completed forms already inside an “addressed ready–to-send” envelope for Ottawa. Harper thanks you!!

We have always done our own taxes without any issues. This year, we were using Turbo Tax and it was giving us all kinds of major problems. No one in India could answer our queries and solve our problems! We were getting really exasperated as April was coming to an end and no one at TurboTax could address our problems.

We were ecstatic when James volunteered to assume the responsibility of completing our tax returns.

Once again, everything was completed professionally and quickly. Once again James personally delivered our returns in ready-to-send envelopes. Needless to say, James will "Be our numbers guy" for next year!

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