Is Bookkeeping Really The Best Use of Your Time?

Affordable Bookkeeping Services For The Small Business

Sound financial management starts with bookkeeping. It’s the foundation to your financial health. Without accurate, timely accounting records, you really can’t make informed decisions.

Getting Sorted 

The first step is to plug you into an accounting system that you can efficiently manage. The accounting system is more than just QuickBooks or Simply Accounting software. Your bookkeeping system includes the whole process and includes such things as:

  • Generating invoices
  • Tracking accounts receivable
  • Paying your bills
  • Doing bank deposits
  • Keeping financial records
  • Reconciling Bank records
  • Managing depreciation

Whether you’re currently working out of shoe boxes or have a complete Quickbooks system set-up, we’ll ensure you’re bookkeeping is performing the way it needs to.

If you’re at that point where you have better (more profitable) things to do than reconcile your bank account, we can step in and offer affordable bookkeeping services. There are 2 approaches to our bookkeeping services we use:On Going Bookkeeping Services

  1. On Location. We establish a regular time for a bookkeeper to come on site to work on your accounting system. The benefits of this are that it’s easy to ask questions while the bookkeeper is there and all of your accounting records stay on location.

  2. Pick-up/Drop-off. We have an easy to use “2 Box” approach…We provide you with a filing box that you put your various pieces of paper into (invoices, bills, receipts, etc.) Each week (or month) we’ll pick up your box and trade you for one that has already been processed and is ready for the next round.

We will tailor the bookkeeping help you need and can include the following services:

  • Account reconciliation
  • Government filing and remittances
  • Payroll

Sound interesting? Your next step is a FREE CONSULTATION. We’ll sit down and discuss your situation and we’ll outline a practical plan to help you run your business by the numbers.